Schools travel from all over the mid-west have travelled to Moher Farm.  Pupils from Clare, Limerick, Tipperary and Galway have all enjoyed the excitement, fresh air and natural outdoor setting of the farm. 

Our friendly staff are always on hand to guide the children around to get the most enjoyment from their experience. 

Schools can enjoy a guided tour around the farm, feeding and petting the animals, while also having fun in our play areas. 



The pre-school programme at Moher Hill Open farm is specifically designed with the Aistear programme in mind. The farm programme follows the theme of ‘Exploring and Thinking’ and the aim within this is for children to make ‘sense of the things, places and people in their world by interacting with others, playing, investigating, questioning’ (Aistear Programme p.43).

The farm tour extends young children’s knowledge of their world through feeding, interacting with and learning about animals and their young. The children have an opportunity to play in the bouncing castle, ball pool, go karts, and outdoor play areas.

TOUR DURATION: Approximately 2 hours (including lunch)



The primary school tour is easily adaptable for both Junior and Senior classes, and can be adjusted according to the needs of each school group. This programme covers many areas of the Primary School Curriculum such as; within the Science Curriculum, the Strand Living Things; within the Geography Curriculum, the Strand Environmental Awareness and Care.

Mini-Golf Option: Tours of children 8 years and up have an opportunity to play mini-golf

Children have an option to feed both farm and exotic animals, learn about animal nutrition, discover facts about each animal on the farm, and examine animal products such as: wool, eggs, etc. Children then get an opportunity to play in the bouncing castle, ball pool, indoor and outdoor go-karts, out-door play area, fairy trail and sand-pit.

TOUR DURATION: Approximately 2 hours (including lunch)

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