• Name

    Rosie, Ralph and Rocco

  • Origin

    These are native to North America. They can also be found in parts of Canada, Mexico and South America. 

  • Diet

    Omnivores, they eat both plants and animals

  • ruler-icon


    23-30 cm at their shoulder

  • Weight

    3.5kg -9kg 

Raccoon Facts

  • Raccoon's hand looks like human's. They have five fingers and use their hands to collect food, open shells, door or trash cans.
  • They are omnivores (eat plants and animals) and like to eat insects, eggs, small mammals, fruit, berries, seed, garbage.
  • They are easily adaptable to various environments. They can live in a hollow tree equally happy like they can in abandoned cars.


Raccoons often place food in water before they start to eat it. They have highly sensitive sense of touch and water increases sensitivity even more. By touching the food they get better insight about things they will eat.

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