• Name

    Betty, Lucy Lou, Leroy, Jack

  • Origin

    They originated in North America, but migrated to the Andes

  • Diet

    Herbivore, mainly grasses.

  • ruler-icon


    1.7 to 1.8 m

  • Weight

    130 to 200 kg

Llama Facts

  • Llamas are very clever animals and can learn simple tasks after a few repetitions Llamas are members of the camel family.
  • They have padded hooves and a water storing stomach.
  • Llamas have a very gentle temperament, are very curious and are intelligent.
  • They appreciate new and unusual situations and love to be moved around.
  • A baby Llama is called a Cria (pronounced cree-ah).


Today llamas are used in North America as livestock guards especially for guarding sheep

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