• Name

    Dilly and Derry

  • Origin

    Mainland Australia

  • Diet

    Omnivore, but mainly roots, leaves, flowers, seeds and insects

  • ruler-icon


    1.5-1.8 metres - the 2nd largest bird in the world

  • Weight

    110-121 lbs

Emu Facts

  • The Emu is second largest bird in the world, second to its cousin the Ostrich.
  • These are flightless birds, but can reach to speeds of 50km/hr.
  • Emus have long nails on their toes to fight off predators and have extremely strong legs, so strong that they have been known to rip through wire fences!
  • These are very nosey animals who love to watch and follow humans and other animals.


Did you know that Emus sleep sitting down and only sleep for short periods before waking up! This means that they have a series of short naps through the night.

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