• Name


  • Origin

    The deserts of Africa

  • Diet


  • ruler-icon


    79 to 160 cm

  • Weight

    80 to 480 kg

Soay Sheep Facts

  • In dry climates donkeys can go long periods without food or water, and their long ears help to keep them cool.
  • Their ears also help them to hear for many miles away.
  • Donkeys don’t like rain and their coats are not waterproofDonkeys have been used as pack animals for centuries, but they also make excellent guard animals, especially for sheep, goats and cattle
  • Donkeys are intelligent creatures and will not run from trouble.
  • While Donkeys have a reputation for being stubborn they usually only are when they question their safety.


Did you know the ancient Egyptians are thought to have used donkeys to carry precious gems

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