• Name


  • Origin

    Andes Mountains, South America

  • Diet

    Herbivore: they like to eat grasses, leaves, weeds and shrub

  • ruler-icon


    85-95 centimetres tall at their shoulders

  • Weight

    125-175 lbs

Alpaca Facts

  • Alpaca fleece is softer than cashmere or angora and warmer and lighter than wool.
  • They make a humming sound when communicating with each other, this sound is like a musical purring, alpacas make a high pitched tooting sound when in danger
  • There are two types of alpacas: Huacaya and Suri alpacas. These are distinguished by their fleece. Huacaya alpacas have a dense, crimped, woolly, water resistant fleece and Suri alpacas have a fleece which grows parallel to the body in long, separate locks.
  • Alpacas do not bite and they have no upper teeth, only lower ones!


Did you know that an alpaca has three stomachs

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